Have you ever tasted Yamazakiya's UNAGI?

Urawa is known with the best UNAGI in Japan.
Established over 200 years ago, Yamazakiya's UNAGI is one of most famous in the Urawa area.
Don't forget to enjoy the best UNAGI at Yamazakiya if you have chance to come to Urawa.

Yamazaki-ya's eels

In the Edo period, travelers on the Nakasen-do, one of the old Japanese main roads connecting Edo with other provinces, used to stop over at inns in Urawa. Some fragrance in this town prompted them to stay and gave them the happiest time ever.
Why is Urawa famous for eels? Since Yamazaki-ya was established in the Edo period,many years have passed and Yamazaki-ya has changed its appearance from time to time.
However, the taste has always remained the same.
Recently, Yamazaki-ya refurbished its premises into a new place where you can feel at ease and eat excellent eels.
Use the taste of Urawa eels to enrich your special occasions such as year-end/new year parties,welcome/farewell parties.
Buddhist services and ,of course, precious time with your loved ones.
So, why is Urawa famous for eels? The answer is simple. It’s famous because of this fabulous restaurant.


UNA-JU (with Japanese pickles)

Our famous broiled eels on rice

Medium - UNAJYU ¥3,850
Small - UNADON ¥3,300
Large - UNAJYU ¥5,500

※ size is determined by weight


Clear soup with eel's liver

Miso soup with tofu and nameko mushrooms


Broiled eels with our traditional sauce

Kabayaki・Shirayaki ¥3,520


Simply broiled eel. Enjoy with wasabi and soysauce

Kabayaki・Shirayaki ¥3,520


Roasted ground chickin meat and a japanese omlet on rice



Sliced raw carp with a mustard vinegar sauce

Stewed carp in miso soup

UMAKI ¥1,210

Broiled eel in a fried egg roll

Seasonal salad with sesame flavored dressing


Steamed fish paste with wasabi and soysauce


Assorted pickled vegetables


All seats are nonsmoking.

nonsmoking Smoking is not allowed in this restaurant so that all of our customers can enjoy the taste of eels.
You do not have to worry about the smell of the cigarette drifting from the seat next to you.
Enjoy both of the excellent taste and the fragrance of freshly cooked eels as much as you want.

Shop Name Yamazaki-ya
Address 1-10-8 Naka-cho, Urawa-ku, Saitama-shi,
Saitama 330-0062, Japan
Access For those who take train.
A five-minute walk. from the West Exit of JR Urawa station.
Walk to the right along the railroad track 150 meters,
turn left at the corner near Ito Yokado,
go straight through the shopping district,
turn right at Lawson, and go straight 50 meters.
Our place will be found on your right.
(Diagonally across from Urawa Royal Pines Hotel)
Phone 048-822-7116
Open/Close 11:30-14:00
(Last orders are taken at 19:30)
Closed every Monday and Tuesday.
(However, we usually open when it is a national holiday.)
Foreign Language Version (GURUNAVI)
简体中文 繁體中文 한국어


11:30 - 14:00
17:00 - 20:00
(ラストオーダー 19:30)




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